Lacunae Issue 16, July 2018


Issue 16 (July 2018) of Lacunae is specially-themed to autism with a translated article by the brilliant Jean-Claude Maleval, “Mottron’s Autist is not Kanner’s”; an interview with Irish autist Dr. Stuart Neilson conducted by Marie Walshe; Rob Weatherill on fatherhood “Being (Not) in the World Without a Father.” Articles also on “Cyberbullying and its Wells of Hatred” by Marco Focchi; Lacanian interpretation via Hitchcock’s films by Dan Collins in “Stealing Money from Offices”; and a book review of Lacanian Psychoanalysis with Babies, Children and Adolescents (Karnac, 2017).

Editorial / Table of Contents

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Lacunae Issue 15, November 2017


Issue 15 (December 2017) of Lacunae has a host of articles on Kant, interpretation, the “selfie,” a case of psychosis, the Wolfman, transsexuality and Gender Identity Disorder, plus two book reviews of Stijn Vanheule’s book, Psychiatric Diagnosis Revisited: From DSM to Clinical Case Formulation (2017) and Rob Weatherill’s book, The Anti-Oedipus Complex: Lacan, Critical Theory and Post-Modernism (Routledge, 2017). For the first time, a translation of Roman Jakobson’s discussion with Lacan on 1st Feb 1967 in English is published in this issue.

Editorial and Contents

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Lacunae Issue 14, June 2017.

lacunae14Issue 14 (June, 2017) is now published and features Lieven Jonckheere’s fascinating interview with world-famous autist Donna Williams; Alan Rowan on anxiety; Dany Nobus on psychoanalysis and science; Olga Cox Cameron on the three passions of love, hate and ignorance; John O’Donoghue on Kant, Sade and post-truth; and Pauline O’Callaghan reviews Annie Rogers’ recent book on psychosis, Incandescent Alphabets.

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Issue 15 Call for Papers. Issue 15 will be an open issue. Please submit articles to the editor at by September 1, 2017.